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We are an Old Fashioned Drug Store and compounding pharmacy located in Memphis. Champion's specializes in hard to find patent remedies and medicines. We also offer a variety of touring and product services. Check out our videos HERE(901) 948-6622

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Memphis City Council Names Street after Dr. Champion! View Resolution.

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Champion's Pharmacy and Herb Store sells herbal vitamins, healing herbs, natural remedies, home remedies, root, leaves, teas, cosmeticeutics, nutraceuticals, herbal supplements and much more. View Dr. Champion on YouTube.

Dr. Charles A. Champion, a biblical apothecarian, has over 60 years experience in Dermatological Compounding and a large selection of Natural Vitamins, Herbs, Homeopathics, Teas, Skin Products, Hormone Replacement, Holy Water and other health care items.

Shop for hard-to-find products, such as Zinc Acne & Beauty Soap Bar, Denver Mud Drawing Salve, Mutton Tallow, Bag Balm Ointment, Tonsiline, Father John’s Cough Medicine, Camphor Gum Blocks, SSS Tonic, Asafétida Gum, Camphor Oil, and Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root View our Google Reviews.


HOURS:  Tuesday - Friday:  9AM - 5 PM (closed 1- 2pm for lunch) | Saturday: 9AM - 4 PM | Closed Sunday & Monday

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